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"The Long Road to You" Won 2018 Album of the Year!!!

2018 IMEA Awards A/C Alubm of the Year!!

2018 IMEA Awards A/C Alubm of the Year!!

New from the Road: Florida in June - Broward Folk Club Event

SUNSHINE, FL JUNE 2017 - On Friday night, Broward Folk Club was thrilled to inaugurate our new “home”… Gigi’s Music Cafe. What a fantastic place for us to share our music. We could not have found a better venue. This venue is dedicated to music and as such is a true “listening room.” There is a great stage and professional sound system. We are thrilled to have found our new “home.”

We started our adventure at Gigi’s with fantastic music and a totally packed house. (We saw members we hadn’t seen in quite a while.) The open mic performances were amazing. And then there were our featured artists, the Nashville-based duo of Kelly&Ellis. Wow, what a performance! Casey Kelly’s songwriting and guitar skills were evident. He has written hit songs that have been covered by famous artists such as Kenny Rogers and Tanya Tucker. His stories of life on the road were fascinating. And Leslie Ellis wowed the audience with her beautiful voice. Not only is she an amazing country/folk artist… but she also sang in “CATS”… and she brought the audience to their feet with her amazing vocal rendition of “Memory.” (We learned that yes, one can do Andrew Lloyd Webber on guitar, as Casey proved.) Kelly&Ellis put on a truly wonderful show with lovely vocal harmonies, fascinating stories, great musicianship on multiple instruments, and lively chatter that held us all spellbound. The show ran late because nobody wanted to leave.

Event Hosts Are Saying:

“We were extremely lucky to have Kelly&Ellis perform ‘The Long Road to You’ at The Mission Inn. Their musical talent, contagious energy, and intriguing behind-the-scenes stories not only brought the crowd to its feet, it also gave us an instant reputation in the community as the place to see and experience unique entertainment events. Kelly&Ellis supplied a lifetime of stories, a set list of hit songs, and original music that seamlessly merged to create a magical musical journey.” Wendy Collins, Owner The Mission Inn, Cape May, NJ

“We were so excited to partner with Kelly&Ellis for an event at Bristol Valley Theater! 
A bonus to the show stopping music in this intimate evening with Kelly&Ellis was their casual and friendly onstage demeanor, the sometimes funny, sometimes touching, always down to earth stories that they shared between numbers. I genuinely felt they welcomed the audience to be a part of their story. We are already planning our next event” - Karin Bowersock, Artistic Director, Bristol Valley Theatre, Naples, NY 
“I was entirely taken with Kelly&Ellis’ current show. Not only was their musical talent brilliant but their storytelling and comedic chemistry filled the theater with laughter and joy and brought the audience to their feet with applause and appreciation. We are looking forward to future events with Kelly&Ellis at The Bing Crosby Theater!” - Sheryl Stone, Head of Talent and Marketing, The Bing Crosby Theater, Spokane, WA

“Kelly&Ellis will soothe you with songs from your past that you’ve been singing along to for years and will inspire you with their new releases, each telling a vivid story like the good songs seem to, and you might even be treated to a Broadway hit or two.” - Jodi Schwarzenbach, The Sarasota Post

"Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight" Makes the "A-List Playlist" in Europe

We just found out (May 4, 2017) that our second single from the new CD, "Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight" is currently at #4 and made the high rotation list up there with the Billboard Charting Big Boys for May AND June!!!! Woo-hoo!

First 2 Singles "Neck and Neck" Top 10's in Europe

APRIL18, 2017, NASHVILLE, TN  - Kelly&Ellis, award winning veteran acoustic duo from Nashville are delighted to announce that this week “Tennessee Whiskey” (#10) and “Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight” (#9), both off their debut CD, The Long Road to You, are in the Top 10 on the Country-Americana International charts. “Tennessee Whiskey” rose to the #4 position before slipping to # 5 and, to date, has enjoyed 6 weeks in the Top 10. “Anyone” debuted on April 9th at #12 and rose to the #9 spot on the 16th. 

“It's a quirky little thing which has never happened before as far as my memory serves me going back to the first ever chart in 2007,” said Stuart Cameron, head of HotDisc International. 

The Long Road to You is the debut full length release by two rather accomplished musicians. Leslie Ellis launched her career with a series of Broadway shows, including playing the lead role of Grizabella in CATS. She also won a Grammy® with Celine Dion for “My Heart Will Go On”. Casey Kelly nearly joined Three Dog Night, toured with The Beach Boys, and wrote several #1 hits including “Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight” and “The Cowboy Rides Away” - a signature hit for George Strait – and scored a brace of Grammy® nominations. 

“We put our hearts and souls into this labor of love,” said Leslie Ellis of Kelly&Ellis, “and we are delighted that people can hear what we were trying to do and that they ‘get it’!” 

The Long Road to You captures a sound born of two hearts, honed over years of performing together, and full of all the pain, humor, relief, disappointment, strength and gratitude that comes from fully giving oneself over to one’s art. 

This first effort from the longtime touring twosome has received great reviews for the release, as well as, accolades from DJs after releasing two singles in Europe, - Read Reviews and Quotes: Press

There were three song premieres prior to the album release in February – take a listen at these locations: The Bluegrass Situation, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, The Randy Report. 


For more information contact Ever Kipp at Tiny Human PR ever@tinyhuman.com

First Single 'Tennessee Whiskey" Is a Chart Topper

After debuting at 21 and moving quickly in to the Top 10 on the European Americana Charts, "Tennessee Whiskey" off of our new CD made it to #4 before starting to slide and was in the Top 10 for 6 weeks!

Song Premiere at "The Bluegrass Situation"

Great 1st Song Premiere at "The Bluegrass Situation":

'Til It's All Gone Video

This past week has been amazing! We posted our latest live video of a song called "'Til It's All Gone" on Tuesday and by Saturday we'd had 45 shares with over 3.8K views! For that we are offering a free copy of the song when you sign up on our Fan List (to the right =>)!

Here is the video. Enjoy!

New Merch!

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Sunflower Tote Bag $10,

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Super Soft Vintage Washed T $20.

Song Premiere at The Randy Review

"Stop, drop and scroll down to listen to this exclusive preview of "Who Am I To Judge?" from new acoustic duo, Kelly&Ellis.  

The song, from Casey Kelly and Leslie Ellis' upcoming album The Long Road to You, is a like a musical love-child of Mary Chapin Carpenter and Brian Wilson. The hooky melody is a perfect dance partner for the independent-minded lyrics:" 

Religious right, or wrong?  
Serious art, or porn?  
And as for same-sex bride and groom  
Is it anybody's business who does what with whom? 

Who am I to judge?  
Who am I to say what anybody does?  
If it works for them, then I'm asking you my friend,  
Who am I to judge? 

Elmore Magazine, The Long Road to You Review

February 24, 2017 

"They’re fun, beautiful, heartbreaking and so much more wrapped up into a collision of genres (classic rock, Celtic, New Orleans R&B, contemporary pop, Broadway) from their careers. 

The Long Road to You is about their journey to find each other, to find their place; for the listeners, we finally found them." - Brenda Hillegas, Elmore Magazine

FIRST LISTEN: New Music from Country Hitmakers Kelly & Ellis - Acoustic Guitar

"The Long Road to You wraps Kelly & Ellis’ journey—a tuneful autobiography, a slice of music history and a vision of their future—in lush, guitar-rich arrangements. Were lucky to go along for the ride."

Our Song "You and Me" got a shout out!

Our song 'You and Me' was mentioned in the June 2016 Issue of 'Country Living Magazine' - as an

Our song 'You and Me' was mentioned in the June 2016 Issue of 'Country Living Magazine' - as an

Inspiring and toe tapping party song”

— Cooper Boone

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